A procedural action series.

Think Sex in the City meets Desperate Housewives but edgier, sexier and more real. Revolves around six women from around the world dealing with their lives, loves and careers living in an oil capital (Houston). Fun, glamorous and provocative.

An edgy legal drama based around the workings of the young idealistic lawyers of an ACLU type organization that embraces the complexities of an organization that is often politicians favorite punching bag but fights for the rights of people from all walks of life, often opposing their own values.

An action series based out of Gibraltar about a secret government unit revolving around a former SAS soldier and a Marijuana trafficker who has been turned to help bring down the major drugs cartels importing from Africa to Europe. Though things turn out to be far from what they seem. Can be relocated to North America.

A sitcom based around the craziness of a big metaphysical book-store in Hollywood where the stars go after melt-downs and the staff love nothing more than to mess with the heads of the new age clientele.

A half-hour action comedy series about a goofy guy who through a freak accident manages when under stress to access every skill learned in every previous lifetime he’s had. Shaolin Monk, hypnotist/magician, philosopher etc.. He gets dragged in to helping his hotshot journalist brother take down the Holy Trinity, a corrupt alliance between politicians, financial regulators and the legal system.