At 18 Steven Lewis Simpson was the youngest fully qualified stockbroker and trader in Britain. Authorised to give financial advice by the three main regulatory organisations: IMRO (the banking regulator), LAUTRO and the Stock Exchange.

At 22 Steven moved to Los Angeles to work for the legendary Roger Corman’s Concorde Pictures. He returned to the UK and shot TIES, his first feature film, which he wrote, produced, directed, edited and financed through his company Roaring Fire Films. TIES premièred in competition at the Edinburgh Film Festival and (amongst other festivals) won best film at the Cherbourg Festival of British Film.

Steven then shot his first documentary TIMOR TIMOR in West Timor, Indonesia, which he co-produced with Pretty Pictures in Paris. He produced and co-edited the award winning surreal fairy tale, FROG from director Steven Morrison, which was broadcast on Canal + (France). He also associate produced the black comedy feature, RESURRECTING BILL.

THE TICKING MAN, an action-thriller feature shot in Edinburgh and rural Scotland followed, which premièred at the Montreal World Film Festival. It has since sold widely throughout the world. A sequel, RETRIBUTION followed, also premièring at the Montreal World Film Festival.

His first US feature was the love story/drama feature REZ BOMB starring Tamara Feldman, Trent Ford, American Indian Movement leader Russell Means and Chris Robinson. It was shot on location on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and in Nebraska and premièred at the Montreal World Film Festival.

It was followed by the epic feature documentary A THUNDER-BEING NATION about the Oglala Lakota of Pine Ridge Reservation. Made over 13 years it’s the most comprehensive documentary looking at the history and contemporary life of an Indian Reservation.

He capped off the trio of Native American projects with a 13 episode US TV show THE HUB about arts, culture and entertainment within Indian Country. It sought to redress the balance of negative stereotypes by celebrating the work of many of the most dynamic Native Americans today. Through this body of work Steven has become a well known advocate for Native rights and a highly respected figure in Indian Country.

He is in post-production on the feature documentary RETURN TO TIMOR, shot in West Timor, Indonesia as well as working on a feature film adaptation of the acclaimed Lakota Country novel NEITHER WOLF NOR DOG.

He has many other film and television projects in development and sixteen completed feature film screenplays.


RETURN TO TIMOR (feature documentary)

(in post-production) Roaring Fire Films (set in West Timor, Indonesia)


THE HUB (13 part TV series)

Roaring Fire Films (producer/director)

A THUNDER-BEING NATION (feature documentary)

Roaring Fire Films (writer/director/producer)

REZ BOMB (feature film)

Roaring Fire Films (writer/director/producer)

RETRIBUTION (feature film)

Roaring Fire Films/Guerilla Films/The International Film Collective/

The Film Development Partnership II LLP/Scottish Screen/First Scottish


THE TICKING MAN (feature film)

Roaring Fire Films/Scottish Screen/First Scottish



Roaring Fire Films

Music videos for Future Pilot AKA (producer/director/editor/photography)

FROG (film)

Bureau of Strange Happenings

(producer/co-editor) writer/director Steven Morrison

Winner Frank Copplestone first time directors award (2 BAFTA nominations)

RESURRECTING BILL (feature film)

St. Moritz Prods. (associate producer) writer/director Faye Jackson

TIMOR TIMOR 50min (documentary)

Roaring Fire Films/Pretty Pictures (Paris) (writer/director/producer)

PULSE 9min. (feature film promo)

Roaring Fire Films (writer/director/producer)

TIES (feature film)

Roaring Fire Films (writer/director/producer)

Winner Best Film Cherbourg Film Festival

FEATURE SCREENPLAYS (in addition to those listed above)

THE GUV’NOR Adapted from Lenny MacLean’s bestseller

ECO WARRIOR Conspiracy Thriller

DOG EARED DEVILS Character adventure

MACBETH Adapted Screenplay

SUCCESSION Adapted from “MacBeth the King” by Nigel Tranter

PROJECT “B” Untitled drama

5 DAYS IN AUGUST Gangland/action

ADEQUATE FORCE Action/Thriller

DEATH IN A BLUE ROOM Action/Thriller



THE TICKING MAN (remake) Thriller


SHADOW WOLVES TV Action series



INCARNATE Action/Comedy